About Karlie

Hi!  I’m Karlie!

I LOVE art, all types of art…. I am a makeup artist, oil painter, stained glass window maker, crafter, baker & gardener. I love interior design, buying old furniture and painting it robins egg blue or a cool shade of lavender. I see BEAUTY in everyone and everything.



I have a wonderful husband who loves me with all his heart. He is my lover and protector, best friend and some day the amazing father of our children. He has a really cute laugh that brings me JOY, and a soft heart filled with the love of Jesus.


We have a 1 year old puppy named Murphy or Murf. He is a cavapoo… What’s that you ask?? Well he is the most adorable mix of a Cavilear King Charles spaniel and a toy poodle.  We can’t imagine life without him, he is filled with never ending kisses and smothers us with LOVE all the time. He’s actually sitting in my lap as I write this, haha. He has brought us so much JOY in the way he loves us unconditionally.


My favourite words are hope, faith, love, joy & peace. I write them on everything and live them everyday. I love makeup because of the amazing way it makes women feel, I am only bringing out the beauty that already exists.

I add COLOUR to the eyes, lips & cheeks… LOVE is the way in which I apply it! It gives me great JOY to see women look into the mirror and feel just how beautiful they have ALWAYS been.

In hope, faith, love, joy & peace,